Storytime Magic

Part 1

Using Stories to Teach English Vocabulary to Young Learners

By Robert Midgett


Have you ever opened a book and felt like you jumped into a new world? That’s the fun of storytime! When we read stories, we go on adventures, meet fabulous characters, and discover many new words. Just like kids in English-speaking countries learn many words from their bedtime stories, your child can do the same. Stories are like secret teachers. They teach new words while we have fun. So, if you want your child to learn and enjoy English, keep reading to find out how.

Why Are Stories Good for Learning Words?

Here are five great reasons that your children should read stories.

a. Fun and Focus:

– Stories are interesting, so kids love listening to them and stay interested.

– Every story has exciting parts that make kids want to listen more.

– Colorful storybook pictures can make words even more fun and easier to learn.

– When kids have fun, they want to hear the story again and again, which helps them remember the words.

b. Learning Words in Stories:

– When kids hear words in a story, it’s easier to remember what they mean.

– A word can stand out when it’s part of a fun or exciting moment in the story.

– Stories often repeat some words, which helps kids learn them.

– Using the new words they learn can make kids feel proud and smart.

c. Learning How to Talk:

– Stories show us different ways to put words together to make sentences.

– Listening to stories can help kids learn how to say things correctly.

– They also learn questions, answers, and how characters talk to each other.

– Kids can speak like the characters in their favorite stories over time.

d. Learning About the World:

– Through stories, kids can learn about how people from other places live and celebrate.

– They discover different foods, clothes, and traditions from around the world.

– Some stories even teach kids about history or famous people from the past.

– It’s like traveling to new places without leaving home!

e. Feelings in Stories:

– Stories help kids understand feelings and the words that describe them.

– They learn why a character might feel happy, sad, scared, or excited.

– This can help kids talk about their own feelings and understand how others feel.

– Recognizing feelings in stories can make kids more caring and kinder.

As you can see, there are many reasons that children learn a language faster when they read and listen to stories. Remember that if a person reads well, they usually speak well. Reading gives your children a big head start in English learning.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post when I discuss some of the common objections parents bring up when reading stories.

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